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STARR/FEMA Regional Service Center X publishes a monthly newsletter with news, events, and training opportunities related to hazard mitigation and floodplain management in FEMA Region X. This site includes an archive of past issues, information and resources, and links to other useful websites. If you have any questions, please email

Folder: Archive - Past IssuesArchive - Past IssuesMichelle Gilbert
RSC10_Newsletter_September_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_September_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_News Flash_FEMA WYO Bulletin_EC & FP Cert. Updates_August 2023.pdfRSC10_News Flash_FEMA WYO Bulletin_EC & FP Cert. Updates_August 2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_News Flash_EC & FP Cert. Update_July 2023.pdfRSC10_News Flash_EC & FP Cert. Update_July 2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_News Flash_New EC & FP Cert. Trainings_2023.pdfRSC10_News Flash_New EC & FP Cert. Trainings_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_August_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_August_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_July_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_July_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_June_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_June_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_May_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_May_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_April_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_April_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_March_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_March_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_February_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_February_2023Michelle Alwine
RSC10_Newsletter_January_2023.pdfRSC10_Newsletter_January_2023Michelle Alwine
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Are you looking for more information about something you read in a recent issue of the Region X Newsletter? The following libraries contain documents, tools, links, and other recommended resources. If you can't find what you're looking for, email us at
EFSP_JOB_POSTING_Aug19.pdfEFSP_JOB_POSTING_Aug19Michelle Gilbert
Golf Announcment-final2.docxGolf Announcment-final2Jonathan Johnson
ASFPM Conference Application - Washington.docxASFPM Conference Application - WashingtonJonathan Johnson
NORFMA_2013_Scholarship_Application.docNORFMA_2013_Scholarship_ApplicationRebecca Croft
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