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Welcome to the STARR II FEMA Region X Service Center (RSC). The RSC supports FEMA Region X with mapping, planning, training, and outreach in hazard mitigation and floodplain management. We are also here to provide assistance to federal and state officials, mapping partners, local community officials, and other stakeholders. If you cannot find the answer or resources you need on this SharePoint site, please feel free to contact us for help! The Region X Help Desk can assist you with questions related to Risk MAP projects, floodplain management, NFIP policy and regulations, compliance, training, outreach, and much, much more. We can be reached by email at

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Folder: Archive - Past Issues
1/4/2021 8:12 PMMichelle Gilbert
6/7/2023 5:23 PMMichelle Alwine
6/7/2023 5:24 PMMichelle Alwine
6/7/2023 5:24 PMMichelle Alwine
6/7/2023 5:24 PMMichelle Alwine
6/7/2023 5:24 PMMichelle Alwine
6/7/2023 5:24 PMMichelle Alwine
7/11/2023 7:04 PMMichelle Alwine
RSC10_News Flash_EC & FP Cert. Update_July 2023.pdf
8/11/2023 12:36 PMMichelle Alwine
RSC10_News Flash_New EC & FP Cert. Trainings_2023.pdf
8/11/2023 12:35 PMMichelle Alwine
8/3/2023 7:13 PMMichelle Alwine
RSC10_News Flash_FEMA WYO Bulletin_EC & FP Cert. Updates_August 2023.pdf
8/11/2023 12:37 PMMichelle Alwine
9/7/2023 3:32 PMMichelle Alwine
10/4/2023 9:49 AMMichelle Alwine
11/9/2023 12:02 PMMichelle Alwine
12/15/2023 8:29 PMMichelle Alwine
1/15/2024 3:48 PMMichelle Alwine
RSC10_News Flash_STARR II Training Webinar Series_2024.pdf
1/15/2024 6:23 PMMichelle Alwine

 Summary Links

0.Wenatchee-Okanogon Info Exchange Presentation.pdf
5/1/2015 6:07 PMRebecca Croft
cashmere discovery interview notes 4-1-15.pdf
5/4/2015 11:39 AMRebecca Croft
chelan county discovery interview 4-17-15.pdf
5/4/2015 11:39 AMRebecca Croft
chelan discovery interview 3-19-15.pdf
5/4/2015 11:39 AMRebecca Croft
conconully discovery interview 3-27-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:04 PMRebecca Croft
coulee dam discovery interview 4-14-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:05 PMRebecca Croft
entiat discovery interview 3-24-15.pdf
5/4/2015 11:39 AMRebecca Croft
leavenworth discovery interview notes 3-31-15.pdf
5/4/2015 11:39 AMRebecca Croft
okanogan city discovery interview 3-31-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:06 PMRebecca Croft
okanogan county discovery interview 4-7-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:06 PMRebecca Croft
omak discovery interview 4-3-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:00 PMRebecca Croft
oroville discovery interview 4-2-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:00 PMRebecca Croft
pateros discovery interview 3-27-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:01 PMRebecca Croft
riverside discovery interview 4-14-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:01 PMRebecca Croft
tonasket discovery interview 3-31-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:02 PMRebecca Croft
twisp discovery interview 4-16-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:03 PMRebecca Croft
wenatchee discovery interview 4-9-15.pdf
5/4/2015 11:39 AMRebecca Croft
winthrop discovery interview 4-2-15.pdf
5/1/2015 6:03 PMRebecca Croft
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